Removal & Care Kit

  • 220/240 File
  • 120/180 File
  • Buffer
  • 100ml Soak Away Acetone
  • 40 x Foils
  • 1 set containing 5 Orange Stick Cuticle Pushers
  • Cuticle Remover
  • 2-in-1 Base Coat
  • Cuticle Oil

Everything you need to say see-ya to your old mani, and hello to fresh, nourished and healthy natural nails.

Kit contains:
Natural Nail File (220/240): To shape /shorten your nails
Nail File (120/180): For filing away the first layer of your manicure.
Soak Away: Our removal solution for the soaking-off of gel or acrylic nail products.
40 Foil Wraps: A padded foil wrap to be saturated with Soak-Away and wrapped around the nail plate.
Orange Stick Cuticle Pusher (set containing 5): Use this to gently push away product from the nail, after soaking, and for pushing back those cuticles after using our removal gel.
Cuticle Remover Gel: A Peacci must-have! This step is an essential for tidy looking nails. Paint over cuticles and wait for 30 seconds before pushing back, to remove dry skin and hang-nails.
Nail buffer: Our favourite type of smooth criminal. Use the rough side to gently buff to remove any excess product after soaking, and then the softer side to gently smooth and shine the nail. (Rough side should not be used on the natural nail)
2in1 base coat: a finishing slick to leave nails nourished and protected. A clear, priming base coat is the perfect finishing touch.
Cuticle oil: Juicy as a peach, our super hydrating peach-scented oil should be massaged into cuticles for healthy, nourished nails all-round.

Read here for full instructions on how to safely remove your gel polish/acrylics/dipping powders at home using the Peacci Removal & Care Kit.